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I came to learn about and hear from God. I also came to support my wife in her search for healing. I came to hear from God concerning my life’s direction, and more of his plan for our family. I got more than I thought was possible. The format that was used worked well. The practical teaching in a small group format gave endless variety and possible paths to the eventual Godly outcome.

(ML – PA)

I received a lot of healing, and I received keys to be an Overcomer.

(MB – PA)

I am free from the bondage of a controlling spirit, a critical and Judgmental spirit. My husband and I are now one (I feel and know we are) I love my husband fiercely. I am delivered from fear. I am in full surrender to God and finally in full surrender to my husband .I Am FREE!!! I learned how powerful prayer is. I also learned that my husband is not only saved, but is very spiritual and powerful. The Holy Spirit gave me my meek and quiet spirit. I am allowing my husband to be the Priest of our home.

(BL – PA)

I came here to get rid of lust, lying, and pride. But I got rid of so much more than that! I discovered a lot of generational things which helped me understand why they keep coming back. I repented of them and I have so much freedom and I now know who I am instead of performing my way through life

(RB – MI)

I came to the course because I was seeking God for more freedom and healing. I wanted to come but I was also scared. It was worth it to push through my shell. The Lord did bless me with more freedom and healing, and also renewed hope.

(MK – IL)

This week was different than I imagined. I got so much teaching that I need badly to live out my life around the people I live\work with. I experienced deliverance for me and training on deliverance fighting for other people. I praise God for his work this week.

(VM – OH)

I received many, many keys to go home with and use. I really enjoyed the experience I got. You have taught me that experience is the greatest teacher. Thank you, to all the team for all you do!

(MB – MD)

I did get everything I came for and more. I came for a time of refreshing, and renewing. I am Encouraged. I feel empowered by love and grace to go forth and be who I am called to be, do what I am called to do, say what I need to say, and go where I need to go. Thank you! This has been a 5 star Overcomers Course! I bless all of you, Steve and Elsie, Jake and Nancy, David and Fannie, and encourage each one of you. You do an excellent job. I pray that the measure you pour out into other peoples lives will be multiplied back a hundred fold.

(MJ – IN)

When I look back at the scarred, angry, rebellious, girl I once was I can hardly believe that was actually me and that I actually lived life that way. My life has been changed forever and I am so thankful for God’s mercy and redemption in my life!

I met the Lapps for the first time at the Overcomer’s Course in October 2013. Earlier in the year I had surgery and had to slow down for six weeks and I could no longer ignore the fierce battle raging in my heart. Brought face to face with deep pain and woundedness, at odds with God, and not knowing how to cope, I became severely depressed. I began cutting to find relief and thought of suicide frequently. Many times I wondered if that was the way my life would end.

Through a series of events, I ended up going for counseling for several months. I slowly began to open my extremely shut down heart back up but for the most part I still lived in denial.

In October, I went into deep depression again and the suicidal thoughts came back. Desperate, I manipulated my parents into making me go to an Overcomer’s Course.

Before I met Steve and Jake, I had been able to out-stubborn, out-wit, and fool everyone who tried to help me. I didn’t understand why, because my heart ached and cried out for help. I now understand that it was because I allowed stubbornness and rebellion to take hold of my life so much that it blocked out much of God’s flow in my life. Whenever someone tried to help me, I would be so stubborn and rebellious and aloof that many people thought I really didn’t want help. And since I didn’t understand what was happening, I only became more frustrated and hated myself even more.
However, no matter how much I tried, I could not out-stubborn or out-wit Steve and Jake, because in reality, it was really God working through them. They helped me understand what was going on, loved me with the love of Jesus, and refused to give up on me. I saw God working through them in a dramatic way, and I was changed by that. I began to hope again- hope that God could change ME and use ME too. As I saw others lay their burdens down at the cross and saw their humanity be influenced by majesty, I began to believe again. Believe that I too, could lay it all down and go free. My eyes were opened wide and for the first time in my life I saw how rebellious I was and how little I believed God.

I think the biggest thing that the Lapps did for me was help me identify and break through the things that were blocking my connection to God. Without a connection with God that is vital and fulfilling and empowering, everything else is pointless! I also learned a lot of keys and tools for relationships, taking ground back from the enemy, being free and staying free, and most of all staying connected to God. God has been faithful in bringing into remembrance the things I need for the moment in fighting the battles of life. I am learning to enjoy the journey, up hill and down, because I know my life is in God’s hands and I can trust him fully.

I am so grateful that God sent Light of Hope into my life to show me the way to true freedom and victory in Jesus. In the darkest nights, I often prayed that God would make me a woman of beauty, joy, and grace who lives life with passion and purpose. I am so excited to see him making that dream come true as I allow him to work in my life. I also look forward to seeing what he has in store for me in the future. Truly, to God be the glory, GREAT things he hath done!

~Mary Beth Kauffman, July 2014

I would like to give testimony today on God’s power and the awesomeness of the Lapp family and the Overcomers course.

I just got back from my RA doctor of nearly 14 years. I was in the top 95 percentile for severity of rheumatoid arthritis. Until July, I had monthly infusions to keep it in check…along with 420 pills!

In August I skeptically accepted an invitation from a friend to attend the Overcomers Course in Estacada, Oregon. I must admit my faith was at a pretty low spot. I was due for an infusion the Thursday of the course and let the Lapps know I wouldn’t be there on Thursday..

By Tuesday I decided to postpone it so I could attend the class. I had stopped taking all my medications on Monday. I was amazed as I witnessed peoples lives being built back up and started to think, maybe there was something to this.

Wednesday was “my turn” as Steve put it. And it was….the pain from the demons I had been fighting for so long came out…the pain from my medical problems and all the pills I was taking, the pain I had over decisions I made about my children, the pain of the loss of my brother 2 years ago.

Today my Dr was a very happy man. He told me I am his early Christmas present!!!! I am now in remission and plan to stay there.

My faith has been restored and I can’t say enough about what the Lapps and the course has done for my life. God is great and I know he sent these people to me. I am soooo thankful. Hallelujah!!!!!

Estacada, OR

Love In Great Heaps That Opens Frozen Hearts Of Pain Excellently.

If you take the first letter of each word in that phrase it spells LIGHT OF HOPE.

Broken and shattered hearts is a good description of our hearts when we met Light of Hope. We have stepped out in the past and trusted others to care about our issues we were struggling with. There were many who meant well but when the proper knowledge, tools, and love of Jesus were not there, it only deepened and added to the scars that were already in our hearts.

When God lead us to Light of Hope, mainly Steve and Jake, they truly loved us with the love of Jesus and shared the knowledge and tools they had with us. They taught us how to apply the knowledge, tools, and love of Jesus in our everyday lives. The freedom we have found in learning the truth and being set free from satans lies is awesome and has changed our lives.   

Sheldon & Tina Burkholder
Myerstown, PA

I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Because it seemed there was no one to protect me, I developed a very tough girl attitude and did life by my sheer will power. My boiling rage was mostly kept under control, but I was so weary of trying to keep myself together. 

Five years ago, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and found myself starting to crash. Instead of starting any antidepressants, I chose to look at what was driving the anger in my heart. I knew I was hurting my husband and my children and was desperately looking for something better.

What a boatload of garbage all wrapped in a shell of anger! God sent many people into my life to be ‘Jesus with skin-on’ until I could even begin to comprehend love from our Father God.

Last year we met Steve and Jake and their families for the first time. Looking back over the past year, I realize it was a divine appointment for us to meet the Light of Hope Ministries team.

When we would meet with Steve and Jake, I was a bit baffled because my anger did not scare them. After a while, I began to feel safe because I could not push them over. They would calmly listen to my pain and never be shocked. One of the biggest things they helped me with was reclaiming my will and power of choice.

My power of choice was shattered because people in authority sinned against me, so I used anger to propel myself through life. Whenever I was in a difficult situation, I would view myself as the problem, and then boil in anger because I couldn’t change everyone around me.

I was suddenly brought up short when Steve remarked, “You are part of the solution of the problem, not the problem itself.” What a lovely thought! Deep inside of my heart, I always thought I was the problem, now I choose to be part of the solution.

Now when I find myself resorting to anger I stop and ponder the question, What is a solution to the problem? I then realize I have choices to make. Sometimes I do not like my choices, but I always have a choice. When I realize that I can be part of the solution, my anger starts to dissolve. Also, I am learning how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit instead of resorting to my own will power.

Another teaching I learned from Light of Hope was the ‘trash can method’ of dealing with injustices that another hurting person may present to us. If I keep my trash can empty by giving my issues to Jesus, I can offer a trash can to others who are hurting me. I can then take their pain to Jesus and not need to take it upon myself, and in turn I am now able to offer them the love of Jesus.

Beyond offering hurting people the love of Jesus, Steve has a gift of working through difficult relationships, and has great teaching on how to bring redemption to broken relationships. I was also shown the importance of forgiveness to those who have hurt me, how to forgive from the heart, and not with my own will power.

Often after a victory and a breakthrough, I would find myself sliding back to where I was previously. Steve helped me see that the enemy was accusing me and wanting me to believe nothing had changed.

One evening, my husband  and I went outside on the stone driveway. After drawing a line with a stick, I boldly declared to the enemy, “I know which side of the line I stand. I will not believe your lies and you cannot tell me that everything is the same.” 

When I find myself struggling, I go back to the ‘line in the sand’ and declare my position to the enemy.

In relating to the Light of Hope team, I have felt very honored as a woman. My spiritual gift and my purpose in life was called up and blessed. I was then reminded of it, if I was wallowing in my struggles. I have never felt any insinuation that just because I am a woman I am less spiritual. Instead I was given a place to be a sister warrior against the kingdom of darkness.

Twice I was privileged to take the ‘Overcomers Course’ that Light of Hope offers. Meeting with a small group of like-minded friends was a great boost. There was teaching, ministry time, and a safe place to belong. I would recommended this course for anyone who wants to know more of God and wants to be empowered for the journey.

My encouragement to everyone is to keep on being an overcomer. If you are facing a difficult situation, keep on facing the enemy. Each small victory will move you towards freedom and light in your heart.

Press on! Raise the banner! Face the foe! We have won the victory!

Marlene Horst
Myerstown, PA

I found Light of Hope Ministries and Steve Lapp, in a way that some may consider an accident, but I consider it to be God knowing that he had to use something totally different, to get my attention. I was sitting in my living room, with the TV on mindlessly in the background, as I played games on the Internet. It wasn’t so much about what was happening on the TV, but how it made me feel, and what I saw in the eyes of Steve Lapp. I watched that TV episode several times and then I searched the Internet, and read articles, and watched videos, and then I really did something very unlike myself, I made contact with a total stranger.

I didn’t find what I expected. I sent challenging messages that were met with honesty and gentleness. I expected to find phony, and I found a realness I could not have imagined. I took verbal swings that were responded to in love. Through the help of Steve and Light of Hope Ministries, I have been able to let go of years of anger, and I am finding a healing in my heart that I didn’t think was possible.

A grateful friend in Massachusetts 

It was 2:00 AM when my 4 year old daughter’s alarming breathing woke me. She had been itching with hives for the past 2 days. I cuddled her and could feel that the hives had spread to her chest and face. I was frantic when I realized that her body was covered in hives from scalp to feet. 

I had been a registered nurse for 9 years by this time. My husband was a registered nurse also. I took her to the nearby hospital. The doctor examined her and confirmed hives, an allergic reaction of some sort. He asked all the typical questions: had we changed laundry or bath soap?  Did she wear new clothing? Had we got new cloth covered furniture or carpet? Nothing had changed in our home or her environment. Baffled we went home with a bottle of Benadryl.  

Treating the symptom was not satisfying to us.We had come to know Steve Lapp, an Amish man, who was beginning to treat sickness and disease by healing prayer and herbal remedies. We took her to see him in his home a few miles away. Steve worked with her and said she had been bitten by a spider on the back. He gave us a bottle of herbs and we went home. 

We gave her the first dose and within minutes 1/3 of the hives were gone. My daughter had instant relief. A few hours later a second dose was given and again the hives disappeared. By the time the 3rd dose was administered all the hives were gone.  

My daughter is now a happy and healthy 11 year old. She has broken out in hives a couple of times since then and we quickly administer the same herbs that he had recommended before.  It continues to work for her.

We are blessed to know Steve and witness his invaluable work. We still consult with him on our children’s health. 

Nicole Lainhart
Centerville, Indiana

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