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Different Types of Courses we offer

Overcomers Course:

The Overcomers Course is a 5-day course open to participants 13 years old or older. It is a weeklong commitment with limited seating and required registration.

Every course is it’s own unique experience due to the unique group of people that attends.

Our focus is to answer your questions and your questions help to dictate the direction of the course.

Our goal is to empower you with key principles that you can take home and easily apply to every area of your life.

There are a lot of times of worship, teaching, deliverance, prayer, question and answers, as well as a lot of interaction and hands-on experience.

It is a time of empowering you to experience breakthrough in every area.

Marriage Course:

The 'Marriage Course' is designed for couples whose marriages need help as well as couples that have good marriages but want more, and all marriages in between!

Similar to a regular Overcomers Course in a sense that the flow of the course is largely dependent on the questions that get asked, but completely different because it is strictly for married couples and the teachings are geared to helping the husband and wife flow as a team.

His will be a time to grow closer to your spouse and learn how to flow as one. Marriages that flow require a lot less work on both parties than marriages that are always rubbing each other wrong.

We believe marriage was instituted by God as one man and one woman, therefore no man can redefine marriage.

Youth Course:

The Youth course is similar to a regular Overcomers Course, but it is specifically structured for unmarried youth between the ages of 13 and 30. This is a time for us to empower and equip them to be leaders, fulfill their own God-given vision, build their character, and learn to flow in authority.

During the day, they sit under Godly teaching and ask those seemingly unanswerable questions, be part of a team that looks out for each other day and night, participate in incredible times of worship, and so much more!

Leadership Empowerment Course:

The Leadership Course is designed specifically for leaders who want to learn more about leading effectively.

We teach principles that can be applied in any leadership position, business, church, school, parents, and any other position of leadership.

This is a very structured course. Topics and breaks are scheduled ahead of time and followed closely.