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What is an Overcomers Course?

The Overcomers Courses are designed to teach, empower, and train people how to walk in their God given assignments. It is a 5-day, intense training course that will radically shift your future.

The Overcomers Course will empower you to overcome the things of your past that still hinder you today. It is designed to empower you and equip you for the future!

Being involved in business management in the 1990's the Lapp Brothers have been working with people, teaching and training them in personal development since 1999.

Over 16 years’ experience has taught us that there is a direct connection between the spiritual or emotional issues and the physical health in our bodies. This concept has set thousands of people free and leads to tremendous breakthroughs in personal development.

The Overcomers Course were first introduced in 2012 as a way to reach more people at the same time. One on one counseling is an extremely limiting way to help people, because we found ourselves teaching the same thing over and over again. The Overcomers Course allows us to take a group of people, teach them as a group, and when one person experiences a breakthrough, everyone can experience it together.

The Overcomers Course allows people to experience their freedom faster and easier because everyone is pulling together for the breakthrough, and everyone shares in the reward of the breakthrough.

The Overcomers Course is a dynamic experience that teaches you why you do what you do and gives you keys on how to overcome obstacles that keep you from experiencing a fulfilled life.

Are you done with your mediocre life?

Do you know there are answers available to your questions?

Do you want to experience the power of God working through your life here on earth?

Come to an Overcomers Course and Experience a week of having your old belief systems challenged. The hay, wood, and stubble removed. So the GOLD that is tried in the fire can come forth!

The Overcomers Course is a 5-day intense training class with dynamic teaching and deliverance from old mindsets and blockages the hinder the flow of God in your life!

Registration is required, and seating is limited.