Overcomers Course

The Overcomers Course is a 5-day event designed to challenge old thinking patterns, identify lies, and replace them with Godly thoughts and truth. It is a classroom-style setting with interactive teaching times as well as times of real-life application of the truths taught. You will interact with teachers, counselors, and classmates and learn Godly principles. The principles taught are simple enough for anyone to apply even after going home. Your life will be forever changed!


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 March 23-27, 2020 Overcomers Course


April 22-24, 2020 Marriage Enrichment Course


All Overcomers Courses are a week-long commitment with required registration and limited seating.

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Listen to What Others are Saying

Many people have seen God work in their lives at the events in which we have been involved. Here are some of their stories in their own words.

"I came to the course because I was seeking God for more freedom and healing. I wanted to come but I was also scared. It was worth it to push through my shell. The Lord did bless me with more freedom and healing, and also renewed hope." MK-IL
"I am free from the bondage of a controlling spirit, a critical and Judgmental spirit. My husband and I are now one (I feel and know we are). I love my husband fiercely. I am delivered from fear. I am in full surrender to God and finally in full surrender to my husband. I Am FREE!!!" BL – PA

Course Details

People are asking what happens at these ‘Overcomers Courses’ It is hard to explain with words. You almost have to experience it to really appreciate it.

The course includes:

  • In-depth teaching on how the spirit realm operates, and the authority we have in Jesus Christ.
  • Deliverance
  • Hands-on training
  • Times of repentance
  • Times of crying together
  • Times of worship
  • and times of laughing together

All in all it is a time to draw closer to God and get rid of the baggage that is holding you back from experiencing all that God has for you.

  • Did you ever have questions that you wanted answers for?
  • Why does emotional torment keep millions of people in bondage on a day to day basis?
  • Why do people get prayed for over and over again with little or no results?
  • Have you ever wondered what the purpose is of your life?
  • How can you effectively help other people who are emotionally unstable?

Bring your questions and come expecting.

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