Overcoming the Past, Enjoying the Present, and Maximizing the Future!




We grew up in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. We moved to eastern Indiana for cheaper farmland. While we were in Indiana Steve fell out of the barn and crushed his pelvis.

While he was laid up in bed he started studying medical charts and understanding how the body functions. He was having a challenge with his physical healing and sought counsel. The person that he connected with prayed for his healing and gave him some herbs and nutritional supplements. He immediately saw a tremendous improvement in his healing.

After this family, friends, and neighbors came to his house for prayer, herbs, nutritional supplements, and counsel. There was a tremendous outbreak in healing miracles on a daily basis.

The miracles became so powerful that the religious system could no longer contain the explosive growth of what God was doing in our lives. After this God called us into full-time ministry to share teach and train others what we had learned.

In 2009 we felt called to other communities across America to share the healing power of God with them. We (Steve, Jake, and David and our families) now live in motorhomes full time and travel across America bringing the message of overcoming the past, walking in forgiveness, experiencing healing, and maximizing our potential in the Kingdom of God on earth.