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A special “Thank You” to our donors (food and financial) because of your generous donations we can continue serving our community and beyond.

The following testimonies are a direct result of your generosity!


I am unemployed, with a family of five…2 adults and 3 kids. Having a hard time finding work and I have medical problems. This food bank is really helping my family in our time of need, and people are very kind hearted. We are very thankful for all the help.
-Theresa Heer

Some weeks we do not have enough to pay bills. The box from Blessings of Hope helps have extra dollars for the bills. It is good to feel the love of others.
-A food box receiver.

I am retired and semi-disabled. Blessing of Hope has filled our needs and given us hope.
-Linda Evans

My husband and I are  both unemployed, and we have 3 kids. It helps us provide food for our children when we begin to wonder how we are going to feed our children. It has just been a blessing. I thank you and God!
-Rebecca Difanto

I am a single parent with 3 children living in 2 rooms at a motel. The food boxes we receive  are unique. We never know what we are getting. It’s fun! God Bless.
-Linda Thompson

We are jobless and hungry. We are very blessed by the milk and fresh veggies we receive from Blessings of Hope.
-food box reciever

I am unemployed with 2 children. Because of Blessings of Hope we have food and fresh fruit and veggies. My six year old can’t wait for Wednsdays to come.
-No name

We are a poor family. Our lives have been changed by Blessings of Hope. They have fed us well.
-Ruth Brubaker.

I am disabled and alone.  I am blessed by the good fresh food and kindness of Blessings of Hope. Now, I don’t have to worry how I’m going to eat.
-No name.

My family is making it by the grace of God. Blessings of Hope supplies most of our food needs. We like the variety of fresh food. It has blessed us tremendously.

We struggle our daily financially. You have helped my family tremendously by providing quality food.
-Food Box Receiver

Blessings of Hope provides much needed food. My husband and I are disabled with 1 child at home. We have very limited income. They have provided food when otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford. It has touched our lives. It truly has been  blessing. God Bless  You!
-No name

We have been blessed by the generous food and all the volunteers.  My spine was fractured and my husband was hit by a car. Blessings  of Hope is a great experiance. Now we can eat!
-Ruth Burkholder.

Our situation is pretty desperate. There are hard times made easier by these people. They are truly christian people!
-John Gree

I am on disability and my neice lives with me with her 2 children. She is Bipolar and can’t work so this really helps! We have veggies and food for children instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches.
-Barb Eager.

Blessings of Hope enabled me make ends meet especially since I am a single mother of three. It has really been hard to just make ends meet with all the bills I have to pay. We get a variety of foodand I can make a balance diet out of what we recieve. We feel a lot of love from all of this. It has been a positive effect on us.

Blessings of Hope has given me the opportunity to meet people and a reason to see them at least once a week. We are scrimping and still raising 2 god-daughters with the food we receive. An awesome outreach!
- Anna Page

My husband and I are both out of work. Blessings of Hope has given us hope and a variety of food on the table.
-Linda Turner

I like the feeling that I get working with other christians in the love of christ. I’ve met people from many other ministries. Also I’m blessed with very small grocery bills.
-Miss Burkholder

Times are bad since my heart attach and my wife being  sick this is a blessing.  Receiving this food has released a lot of stress in my life.  It is always calm feeling knowing that there is food coming in.
-Richard Johnson

We have really been struggling to feed our our 6 kids and they cut our food stamps. Blessings of Hope gives us hope that there are still people that are willing to lend a hand to their communities.

Many times we were in need of things, and after getting the box here,we found the needed item in the box.   These boxes save us from spending more and we are able to at times to bless  others with sharing some of our boxes with them.


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