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About Us

Blessings of Hope is a food distribution warehouse that was set up to allow large food distributors to efficiently donate their excess product to be distributed to impact the community.

The Vision

BOH4 The vision for Blessings of Hope is to empower ministries and individuals to reach the less fortunate within the community with food and acts of love. 

Food is our tool; helping others experience God is our goal!


In 2017 Blessings of Hope distributed over 6.5 million pounds of food to other food banks, ministries, churches, and families. This is an average of approximately 14,000 meals per day! 

Statistics show:

  • America produces twice as much food per person as needed
  • More than 40% of food produced in America is not eaten, that amounts to over 29 million tons of food wasted each year.
  • Nationwide, food makes up 17% of what we send to landfills
  • Wasted food costs America OVER $100 Billion annually
  • In 2008 nearly 50 million people in America -including almost one child in four- struggled to get enough to eat
  • 1 out of every 6 Americans are at risk for hunger

The Mission

BOH Cooler The Mission for Blessings of Hope is to provide a place where large corporations can efficiently donate their excess food to the community.

Blessings of Hope has 7 full-time, and 5 part-time, paid staff and over 1900 registered volunteers that repackage, distribute, and share food with food banks, ministries, churches, and families in need of food.

We are committed to building relationships in the community through food, teaching, and acts of love.

In 2016 we were blessed to move into our current 16,300 sq. ft. facility in Leola, PA.

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