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About Us

The Healing Center provides a safe place for people to heal in a community setting. This is a fulfillment of an 11 year vision that we originally had in Wayne County, Indiana in 2005.

It is a place for people to come to and experience the anointing of God in a safe atmosphere while they go through their extended healing process. Our focus is to bring every day life situations in and help you overcome them in a safe environment.

At the Healing Center in West Virginia we have a 78 acre property with an eight bedroom house, 3 bedroom apartment, and another outbuilding that we have setup as a men's dorm. This facility is setup as a "Healing Center".

It is a place for people to come to for an extended stay to experience what a functional community is while they are working through their spiritual, emotional, and physical issues.

If you want to send someone to the Healing Center for help, they can fill out an online application at: www.healingcentersignup.com